viatera-kitchen-435x235The LG Viatera distinctive line of counters integrates quartz with innovative polymer resins and colorfast pigments to get a low-maintenance countertop. The quartz counters are remarkably resilient: they will not scratch, stain, chip or crack, and they also won’t burn or scorch. Viatera also suppresses the increase of mildew and mold, creating the reliable surface well suited for any bathroom or kitchen.LG Viatera®, classified as quartz surfacing, is considered the newest component to the LG group of countertop surfacing products.
LG Viatera® consists of quartz combined with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigmentation. The process occurs under intense pressure and heat. The innovative design joined with leading edge technology makes LG Viatera® the very best quality quartz surfacing material on the market. LG Viatera® is 93% natural quartz delivering an incredibly durable living environment for quite possibly the most demanding of buyers. The versatile color scheme will gratify all your surfacing requirements. Unlike Granite or Marble, LG Viatera® doesn’t have topical sealing, allowing prolonged beauty with little or no maintenance. LG Viatera® attracts those that choose the sophisticated look of stone, however want a product which is simple to take care of and like every LG countertop surfacing products, is guaranteed by the top rated 15 year guarantee.